What to expect when commencing at our service

We understand that the very first week starting childcare can be quite emotional for both yourself and child. For many parents and guardians, which we know can include a mix of anxiety, excitement and even a list of questions!

At Clementson Drive early Educational Centre, our Educators are here to make sure both your child’s and your transition into our service is as exciting, reassuring and smooth as possible.

Once you have provided your enrolment forms after visiting our service we will arrange for you to come in for a stay and play orientation, this will assist our team in developing a positive relationship where we understand your child’s routine, preferences of course answer any further questions that you might have. This will be the foundation of our partnership to provide you and your child with a responsive early learning environment for your child to thrive in. Our Educators will use the information collected to create a program for your the child’s first few weeks at the Centre, supporting each child’s sense of belonging and security in a new environment.

All our room routines are flexible and accommodate each individual child’s needs and interests. We are also very mindful of the current weather conditions and ensuring children are provided with an abundant amount of time both outside and inside therefor our routines will change to ensure that each child is supported whilst at our service.

How we communicate with you:

We use an online documentation system called OWNA! Approximately a week before you commence you will receive a welcome email with your log in details and further information on how to use OWNA.

The OWNA app not only allows families to have an all in one access to their accounts, daily information records of their child’s day but to share their thoughts about the service menu for the week, learn about any special days and hear about any upcoming excursions, encouraging a stronger connection between families and educators.

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