Clementson Drive Early Educational Centre

Excellence in affordable quality education and care for children birth to 12 years.

Our Services


Our long day care is open is for children 0-5 yrs of age, 50 weeks per year.

We have 2 areas, first is our Discoverers and Explorers, this is for children aged between 0-3 yrs.

Our second group is our Little Inventors, this is for children aged 3-5 yrs.

We believe in a natural environment. Our educators provide activities and experiences are set up in accordance with each child's interest, knowledge and development.

We understand having a young child in childcare can be daunting, but you can be rest assured that our educators will comfort, reassure, cuddle and provide genuine care for each and every child. 

Our Preschool and School Readiness offers a set session throughout school terms. We operate from 9am to 2:30pm and are closed throughout school holidays.

Our preschool and school readiness is for children that are attending primary school the following year.

Our preschool program is completed during the day, we do not have set 'preschool hours' however we provide you with the benefit of a strong preschool program with the convenience of long day care hours, where we do not close over school holidays.

Our outside school hours care (OSHC) offer a stimulating and challenging environment for primary school children, designed to enhance their development and provide play and leisure opportunities.

We understand work-life balance is hard, so we aim to make life a bit easier in supporting you and your child.

We offer before school care, after school care and even vacation care (school holidays).