Little Inventors

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Little Inventors

Our Inventors room is for children over the age of 3 years.

The program’s are based on the Early Years Learning Framework that support learning through play, responsiveness to children, respect for diversity and positive engaging relationships with children and families.

The Inventors room extends and encourages children’s self help skills and teach the children through play how to take turns, promote positive interactions, communicate and share their ideas where they become confident involved learners.

Why are we different than other centres around?

The team are warm, passionate and welcoming where we understand that relationships and trust are created and developed with responsive and positive practices and interactions from staff.

Rest assured that will comfort your child if they are upset, help clean their nose when it runs, cuddle your child if they wake from a bad dream or just need a special hug as they miss you, we will encourage them grow, develop and document new interests, we are about building and developing trusting, respectful relationships with all children and families that attend our centre.

We use an online documentation system to keep your updated on your child’s day, share information in relation to their development, evolving relationships, interests, abilities and growing knowledge.

What are our daily fees:

Give us a call to confirm our daily fees, all our fees are before childcare subsidy.

What is included in our fees:

  • 5 nutritious meals per day
  • individualised program based on children’s interest, development
  • Annual developmental reports
  • Incursions based on the children’s interest
  • Hats
  • Bed Sheets
  • School readiness program
Kids Construction Toys at Little Investors Room
Clementson Drive Little Inventors room

Nurturing your children with the same care and attention as if they were our own.

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We love to hear from parents! Please take a moment to provide us with your contact information. We look forward to connecting soon.

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