Why Clementson Drive?

At Clementson Drive Early Educational Centre we are strong believers that play fosters a child’s sense of belonging and encourages cooperation and we recognize the connectedness of mind, body and spirit. We are also passionate in providing our families with a safe, nurturing, welcoming and positive learning environment.

We understand that a child’s first 6 years of life is where a child will learn most of their life skills from movement such as walking, hand eye coordination, using utensils to feed themselves, socialising where they are expressing their interests, needs and wants, and even developing problem solving skills. 

Relationships are the foundation of our program and practice, which is based on Bowlby’s attachment theory, where a child will only explore and learn if they feel safe, secure and supported with responsive educators.

We believe in providing children with the tools, opportunities and skills to not only be successful learners well into the future, but also to develop and thrive in the rapidly developing world they are a part of.

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