Our Philosophy

Clementson Drive Early Educational Centre has been formed on the lands of the Darug People. We acknowledge Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander Peoples as the Traditional Custodians of this country and their connection to the land, water and community in which we operate. We pay our respect to them, their cultures and customs both past and present.

We believe in:

  • Providing the children and families with a warm, safe, secure environment where each individual is respected for not only their views but their skills, knowledge, strengths, ideas, abilities, interests and cultural background.
  • Providing a welcoming and warm environment where we are passionate about respectful, reciprocal  relationships between all stakeholders
  • Educators will promote and engage in opportunities to reflect on their practices as individuals and as a team
  • Play based learning environment that enhances each individual child’s current interest, their skills, knowledge, strengths, ideas, abilities, and cultural background.
  • All educators providing equity for all children to succeed in their world and world around them
  • Supporting our families and children providing our preschool children with a school readiness program that promotes the social, emotional, cognitive and physical aspect of primary school
  • Working with and alongside families, children, the local community, professional services and other agencies to promote and enhance each child’s their skills, knowledge, strengths, ideas, abilities, interests and cultural background.
  • Supporting our local farming community by aiming to source our fresh fruit and vegetables through our local farmers, participating in community events and fundraising for our community.
  • Supporting educators by encouraging and enhancing their professional skills, knowledge and wellbeing through regular professional development and supporting educators mental health.
  • Being open to feedback and change, where we reflect and grow with our families, children and community to ensure that we are always providing our stakeholders with the best and highest quality of care at all times.

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